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Welcome to Planet moobaa

Once united, the MooBaa were forced to leave their native world in search of Supergrass. Millenniums have passed, now six alien tribes compete to reclaim the planet they once called home.

MooBaa are a collection of 6,666 unique NFT’s stored on the Solana blockchain. 

With over 500 hand-drawn traits, each NFT is unique.  Owning a MooBaa will give the holder access to a growing list of utilities as well as a long list of benefits over time.

As seen on


Farm for Rewards

Holders can generate rewards just by holding a MooBaa NFT. These list of rewards will grow as our community grows.

Breed MooBaa

Owning a Moo Baa also gives you access to an exclusive ability to breed MooBaa and add more MooBaa's to your collection.

More to come

Holding a MooBaa will give access to a suite of tools that our developers are working on along with access to more communities.



Founder & Business Strategy


Founder & CMO


Founder & Advisor


Digital and Web Artist




Marketing Manager

Launch of the website and Discord Server will occur 6 weeks prior to the scheduled mint. Social channels as well as media will be used for the initial communication.
29 June 2022
Mint and Launch
Mint of the initial Minoan Tribe MooBaa NFT launch will occur releasing 1,111 Minoans onto Solana.
29 June 2022
Surprise Drops / Free Mints
First Mint: Spaceships of Minoa Second:?
Q3 2022
Oracles Tribe Mint
Mint of the water based Oracles Tribe
Q3 2022
Q3 2022
Originalis Tribe Mint
Mint of the fun based Originalis Tribe
Q3 2022
Q3 2022
Botanians Tribe Mint
Mint of the plant based Botanians Tribe
Q3 2022
Q3 2022
Archelians Tribe Mint
Mint of the angel based Archelians Tribe
Q3 2022
Q3 2022
Alchemos Tribe Mint
Mint of the tech based Alchemos Tribe
Q3 2022
More coming soon
This is only just getting started and with our Community we hope to shape the future roadmap together.

The Minoan Tribe Mint is FREE for all Whitelisted individuals.  Join the Discord and make sure to get the Whitelist spot.

Tribes 2 to 4 will mint for less than 1 Solana (TBD)

Tribe 5 and 6 will mint for less than 2 Solana (TBD)

Tribe 1: The Minoan Tribe is the 29 June 2022. Whitelist starts at 11am UTC.

Tribe 2 to 6 will mint across July and August and September



Physically strongest of the MooBaa. The Minotaurs are proud and strong. Ruled by Minos Asterian, the Supergrass enhanced the strength of the tribe, making them invaluable to the other tribes, assisting with the heavy lifting, building of structures and training of warriors.


The Mysterious Oracles were teachers and scholars on the planet MooBaa. Their order was an exclusive one, in the endless pursuit of knowledge. Coming into contact with Supergrass gave the Oracles the ability to breathe underwater and in space.


The Originalis are the natural leaders of the Moobaa. Through their leader Caesar Roman, they were the tribe that united the moobaa into one race. When the Supergrass was discovered, their verbal abilities were enhanced, allowing them to communicate with all species.


The Botanians, as their name would suggest, were the safeguards of the natural environment of planet MooBaa. Through their work with the trees, grass and natural elements, they were the discoverers of Supergrass and thus the first to try its effects. Having the most exposure they started to become one with the planet.


Initially, the tribe that would become the Archelians were a group responsible for the planets energy. They were scientists and starseekers, believing the answer to the energy problems the planet faced were in the cosmos. When the Supergrass was found, Some Moobaa discovered the ability to fly.


The eclectic Alchemos, the planets chief engineers were brilliant minds who often pushed the envelope of their inventions. As the primary constructors of the planets mechanical structures, they wanted to move their civilisation forward into a new age. The discovery of Supergrass gave them ability to fuse elements.